Mystery Meet's Adventures in Portland, Oregon

Podcast Episode 21: OX in Portland, Oregon

December 27, 2012

Roasted Artichoke

Jackie Morrow reviews OX in Portland, Oregon, where Chef Greg Denton serves up Argentine-inspired Portland dishes like beef ribeye, maitake mushrooms with smoked sea salt, and cocoa braised lamb shoulder. We learn why foodies make the best dinner companions, who the city’s great chefs are, and why pickles make Grandma Agnes so dirty.

Podcast Episode 16: Portland Food Adventures

November 22, 2012


Chris Angelus, founder of Portland Food Adventures, talks about the explosive growth of the Oregon dining scene in the last ten years.

November 2012 Tweetchat: Food Trucks

Molly Taylor

We brought together food truck owners from Los Angeles and Portland, OR with a food truck organizer from Boston to discuss the food truck phenomenon.