Join us for our first Mystery Meet Dinner in St. Louis

Tuesday, April 9th

Mystery Meet is a group of foodies that get together to try a new restaurant. But there’s a catch…you don’t find out where you’re going until 24 hours in advance!

“If discovering restaurants and making new friends are on your list of resolutions this year, you can accomplish both goals simultaneously now that Mystery Meet is coming to St. Louis.” â€”Sauce Magazine

After launching in Boston in 2010, Mystery Meet’s social dinners spread to San Francisco and Seattle.

Mystery Meet

Meet other foodies!

Join us for our first St. Louis dinner on Tuesday, April 9th hosted by Laura Bentele of The Moscow Circus blog!


Location Clues

  1. “Run, ________, run!”
  2. “Not eating ____ is a decision, eating ____ is an instinct.” -Dennis Leary
  3. Location #2.
  4. Alice loves Sam.
  5. Jenny was here.

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